UDT – Urine Drug Testing

Proper urine drug testing (UDT) is necessary for delivering time-sensitive and drug-specific results. By utilizing the latest LC/MS technology, Expertus Laboratories is proud to offer quick and detailed reports for better patient outcomes.

We have an expanded scope of capabilities that include more analyte choices so you can stay on the cutting edge of today’s designer drugs, including: obscure drugs, new drugs and the latest in synthetic cannabinoids and bath salt stimulants. In addition, we’ve gleaned information from our addiction specialist in order to gain insight into the resourceful tactics of drug abusers. We have further used this insight to develop suites of analytes tailored to the patients’ drug of choice.

With real-time results presented through Expertus’s Titan Web Portal, providers can make important time-sensitive decisions. Our UDT services include:

• Identifying recent medication or illegal drug usage
• Detecting medication or illegal drug abuse, misuse or alteration
• Classifying medications that could result in multi-drug interaction
• Monitoring medication therapy of controlled substances
• Advising providers and/or patients about individual treatment plans

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